C-HIT Ramping Up Artificial Intelligence Initiatives
Leveraging Machine Learning to Deliver Customer Value and Reduce Cost
As part of C-HIT's corporate AI initiative of reducing costs and delivering customer value, our leadership and technical teams recently completed the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management’s Artificial Intelligence program. Our recent graduates are already putting their new AI credentials to work!

From internal optimization efforts to new AI-driven chatbots and enterprise automation and orchestration, the powerful new tools are making an immediate impact. We are piloting efforts to improve the customer experience on our federal heath IT programs through robust AI insights and approaches.

“We are transforming our next generation operational centers into AI-driven autonomous operational platforms with various features like AI-based chatbots, automated onboarding, self- healing systems, predictive analytics, predictive alerts, advanced orchestration models by leveraging our AI strategy and machine learning-powered infrastructure tools,” noted Manoj Chaganti, COO and Co-Founder of C-HIT. “Kellogg’s program helped us in enhancing our AI capability and its thought-process in building and developing our AI framework and life-cycle, Agile AI testbed, AI maturity models, and autonomous solutions. It has also provided us with valuable insights into concrete, actionable approaches for applying AI and machine learning at all levels of our internal and customer-facing operations.”

“C-HIT is committed to being a leader in the community, and to designing, implementing, and governing timely and thoughtful AI principles across our organization,” he added. “These principles are necessary for protecting individual rights and data, resisting cyberattacks, ensuring legal and regulatory compliance, and ultimately, be fair, unbiased, socially responsibility, and trusted.”

As Program Director and noted AI expert Mohanbir Sawhney observed, “Why now? AI is at an inflection point based on a perfect storm of four inter-related trends that are intersecting: cloud computing, big data, open source, and improved algorithms. With C-HIT’s demonstrated expertise in Cloud Computing, enterprise open source implementations, and years of experience with fraud detection algorithms supporting CMS CPI, there is a natural fit.

To learn more about how C-HIT can put AI to work for your organization, please contact BD@c- hit.com