Our Vision
To be the most passionate and trusted healthcare technology leader by predicting and solving next-generation challenges to enable a safer, healthier, and smarter world.

Our Mission
C-HIT’s mission is to provide transformative technology and professional services that optimize IT systems and improve the value of healthcare for all Americans. We achieve this mission by:
  • Building better IT solutions through innovative approaches that increase efficiencies and improve outcomes.
  • Leveraging next-generation and disruptive technologies and capabilities to improve and protect access to sensitive and proprietary data.
  • Integrating systems and sharing services to ensure the highest quality of deliverables and flawless operations.
  • Creating an open and honest ecosystem of our employees, partners, and customers where all share in the progress and success of the others.

Our Values
If our Mission is a window to our soul, our Values represent the heart of C-HIT. These are simple, easy-to-understand principles that guide our decisions, daily operations, and our aspirations.