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C-HIT is an innovative Health Information Technology (HIT) software development and consulting company. We are pioneers, thought leaders, and change agents, dedicated and passionate about building business solutions via collaboration.

We deliver comprehensive solutions to realize our clients' healthcare delivery missions.

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Vision, Mission & Values
Learn more about the mission, guiding principles, and values that keep us motivated and drive our daily operations.

Message from the CEO
“I am a firm believer that a company’s vision and mission can be realized only when each and every employee is motivated and dedicated to our founding principles.”
- Srivasavi K. Chaganti, CEO
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Leadership Team
Meet the executives responsible for providing direction, driving growth, and ensuring performance excellence across C-HIT.
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C-HIT’s key certifications, socio-economic classifications, management attributes, and contracting options for clients and industry partners looking to engage with us.
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Making waves or turning heads, get the scoop on everything C-HIT that’s newsworthy.
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Quick and easy access to our core capabilities and related marketing materials.
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