Health IT
Creating tangible value through modern technology for meeting the business needs of healthcare clients as well as the payor and provider communities.
C-HIT’s team of experienced interoperability and integration professionals brings decades of experience building secure, HIPAA compliant applications for government and commercial health entities. Over this time, we have partnered with a multitude of clients to deliver technology solutions that extract and aggregate data from disparate healthcare records, and normalize that data for meaningful use, measurement, and reporting. We have also integrated disparate, complex healthcare systems to enable continuous flow of patient data between in-house healthcare systems and external Health Information Exchange trading partners.

Today, we are seen as a respected and trusted partner for modernizing and transforming the IT enterprises of our healthcare clients. We have affected this modernization by:

  • Migrating large Health IT applications to the Cloud, and, where applicable, strengthening existing on-prem/Cloud IT infrastructures;
  • Developing and implementing vendor-agnostic solutions that leverage interoperability frameworks, such as X12, CCDA, HL7 v2.x, and FHIR; and
  • Building automated systems that standardize patient healthcare data and ensure its security, availability, understandability, and actionability for automated processes and analytics.
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