Operations Intelligence
We constantly evaluate new platforms and technologies to understand how they can deliver ROI for our teams and clients.
C-HIT uses operations intelligence to monitor, detect, and address operational inefficiencies and threats that can impact network or system performance. We use metrics and analyze data to determine potential threats or events before they happen, thereby mitigating the risk of downtime. We monitor and report on all applications that are integrated within an enterprise, in real time, using operational intelligence dashboards – Glass Tables – created using proven tools and technologies to aggregate multiple streams of machine data.

In our most recent implementation for a government client, we brought the “big-picture” focus by incorporating enterprise machine data into a single view to enhance information sharing and collaboration across teams. We delivered greater overall enterprise visibility and a significant reduction in unanticipated service interruptions without an increase in staff or computing costs. We are now able to reach out to the client in the event of an early signal of a performance issue and reduce or eliminate its impact on the enterprise.
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