Microservices Architecture
We structure applications as a collection of services that are independently deployable and organized around business capabilities.
C-HIT is leveraging microservices to develop solutions that allow our customers to manage and configure services in a manner that best meets their unique requirements. We are currently creating proof of concepts for loosely coupled services, available through a self-service console, that will enhance user experience, increase efficiencies, improve security, and reduce costs.

  • Akamai Self-service: allows customer business verticals to manage their own maintenance pages without the need for contractor intervention.
  • Session Management: establishes an identity management system as a shared service to consolidate security controls and limit duplicative development.
  • Video Production Help: supports video production aimed at helping end users understand common system tasks.
  • Object Repository Self-service: enables verticals to manage their object repository setup, including ID generation, API key generation, S3 bucket setup, and permissions.
  • Chat Tool: leverages “Chat-as-a-Service,” via chatbots, for efficient communication with end users. As users interacted with the chatbot to ask questions, the system learned how to address those in the future.